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Thank you for visiting the Library. We hope it will prove a beneficial resource to Nocturne’s citizens both new and long standing.


“That’s not how I heard it...” Part of the goal of the library is to gather a consensus on information. Even so, we can’t be certain that what we know is the whole story nor the right of it. It’s important to remember that personal context can alter one’s perception of what they are witnessing. The perspectives of those providing the knowledge, even unwittingly, also affects the nature of the details given. This is part of why two or more people can observe the same thing and report back very differently. No one is lying, and maybe both are correct in their own way but separately they provide an incomplete picture.
In order to help reconcile these discrepancies please do your best to recall when and where you learned something and from whom and note that in your entries.


The Library is not neutral - its purpose is to empower those in the struggle against those who would do Aerune harm. This Library is and will remain open to all who gather in Nocturne for that purpose.
However, sides will not be taken in matters beyond that. Even among allies there are sometimes sharp disputes and conflicts. These should be documented with care to not favor one side over the other. If you believe a page is biased, please let a librarian know.


If you have a concern over information that has been posted, please contact a librarian and we will work to resolve the issue.


Information found within this Library should be presumed to be Nocturne Confidential. Unless you have definitive confirmation otherwise, do not share what you find within these tomes outside of Nocturne. Be warned, much of what is contained here will be vehemently pursued by our enemies if it is released. More importantly, doing so could endanger Aerune and everyone in it.
Be aware that this space is intended for all who gather in Nocturne to share, so if you truly feel something must be more contained than that seek other means of distribution.
If it is found that members cannot be sufficiently careful they may be removed from the Library.
If you believe that information is inappropriately available, please notify us!


Nev 'ndw

Lady Ophelia Renfrow

Let me clarify...

This is a player run site. Staff are welcome here but players should not expect plot response through this wiki. Rules notes and questions on them should be directed to Madrigal Staff via the list.
Although the point is to gather notes and details about the game as accurately as possible, information here is gathered by players and is by no means guaranteed to be “correct”.
Vandalism or trolling will result in removal of your access to the wiki.
Be nice!

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